Always Ask Why When It Comes to Your Diabetic Dog

Today we talk about the simple question… Why? Now that you have a Diabetic Dog, the most important question that you can ask is why when it comes to his/her treatment. I have said before that the more you understand this disease, the more empowered you are to treat it and the more confident you will become in a potentially tense situation.

I am an Administrator on the largest Canine Diabetes Facebook page (Canine Diabetes Support and Information), with 11,500+ members. Wow, there are a lot of us!! I often post that my favorite question to answer is “why”. When someone asks why, that tells me that they aren’t just looking for direction; they are looking to learn and expand their knowledge of this disease.When this occurs, those of us on the Admin team feel like all of those hours that we spend helping people are for the best reason ever… people want to learn how to treat their pup.

It has been my experience that many vets don’t appreciate being questioned, I understand that I guess, but they aren’t the ones that are living with this disease 24/7.They aren’t there when your dog is acting “off”, so wanting to know why you should do something will give you the information that you need to know how to reason through a situation when your vet is closed. If you ask the question why and it is met with resistance, is it an ego thing or is it that the person telling you what to do doesn’t know why themselves? Yikes!! I have to believe that it is the latter and not the former or maybe a bit of both. We often find that when we explain the “why” of a situation, our members are better prepared to help their pup, themselves and other members. Keep in mind that “Because I said so”, isn’t an appropriate answer.

The “whys” of this disease are actually the reasons for these blog posts.To help you learn why things happen and how to treat them or to keep them from happening in the future. Our mission is to give you as much information as we can to face this disease with confidence instead of fear.

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