Blog Recap of Topics Covered or What Did I Miss?

Today I’m going to recap for you all of the topics covered in previous posts in case you missed some or have a particular interest in a topic now that you may have skipped over at the time.This is the 36th post and I thought that maybe a “Table of Contents” may be in order. If you click on any of the topic titles, it should take you directly to that post. I have actually been asked for this type of post and for that I will thank Laurie for the suggestion!

My Dog Has What? – This is a post about initial diagnosis of Canine Diabetes

The Importance of Journaling – Suggestions on what information to keep track of

Why Home Testing Your Diabetic Dog Is So Critically Important – The title says it all

Supplies For Your Diabetic Dog – What items are helpful to have on hand

More Supplies For Your Diabetic Dog – More items to have on hand

What Do I Feed My Diabetic Dog – Guidelines on what food if best for you pup

Testing Your Diabetic Dog, A Deeper Dive – A better understanding of why testing is so important

How To Do a Curve on My Diabetic Dog (And Why) – Save some money and get more accurate data

Let’s Do a Little Housekeeping – Tips on what you may have forgotten that are now important

How Do I Treat Low Numbers in My Diabetic Dog – How to treat a hypo without over treating it

Never Withhold Water From Your Diabetic Dog – Why you need to always provide water

A Love Letter To Mom – Happy Mother’s Day from your Sugar Baby

Insulin and Syringes For My Diabetic Dog – what syringes go with which insulin

The Dance Between Food and Insulin – How food and insulin work together

What Treats Can I Give My Diabetic Dog – Commercial and homemade treats

Is My Diabetic Dog In Rebound (Somogyi) – A basic explanation of Rebound

Fructosamine Testing My Diabetic Dog – Should you do this test or not?

Ketone Testing My Diabetic Dog – A very important home test that can save your pup’s life

Syringes For Dummies – Understanding what the numbers on the outside of the syringe box mean

How To Properly Inject Your Diabetic Dog – Check your injection technique

Injection Sites For Your Diabetic Dog – Multiple injection options and how to use them in your favor

When Do I Take My Diabetic Dog to the Vet Part 1 – Pancreatitis, what to look for

When Do I Take My Diabetic Dog to the Vet Part 2 – DKA signs and symptoms

Always Ask Why When It Comes To Your Diabetic Dog – Don’t be shy, ask WHY

Are Your Ready To Evacuate With Your Diabetic Dog? – Be prepared for emergencies

Change of Seasons For Your Diabetic Dog – How season changes can affect your pup

Perspective and Your Diabetic Dog – Just a reminder to relax a little

Will an Infection Affect My Diabetic Dog Part 1 – UTI’s and dental care

Will an Infection Affect My Diabetic Dog Part 2 – Ear infections and allergies

Will My Diabetic Dog Get Cataracts? – Understanding Diabetic cataracts and info on how to keep them away for as long as possible

How Do I Safely Exercise My Diabetic Dog? – How to keep your pup safe and still enjoy activities

Fourth of July – Keeping your pup safe and calm

Home Cooking For My Diabetic Dog – Should you home cook?

My Diabetic Dog has IBD – How to manage a pup with both Diabetes and Irritable Bowel Disorder

Dehydration and My Diabetic Dog – Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because your pup is drinking a lot, that dehydration is not a possibility.

If you missed any of these topics or skipped them because they didn’t apply at the time, but they do now, just click on the title and it will take you directly to that post.

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