Freedom All Day Foot Cream by Advocate

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Experience all day relief with Freedom All Day Foot Cream! Soothing, safe formula for the temporary relief of foot pain. Suitable for diabetics and people with sensitive feet.

Directions: Best if used daily, or as needed. Apply a thin layer to skin and allow to dry. Will moisturize and protect. 2 Oz tub.

  • Pleasant Scent
  • Provides Extra Moisture and Protection
  • Prevents Chapping and Cracking
  • Enhances Hydration, Lessens Callouses
  • Suitable for Diabetics
Ingredients: L-Arginine Base, Aloe Vera Juice, Urea, Fragrance, Glycerine, Lexemul 561, Lexemul AS, EGMS, IPM, Spectrastat, Stearyl Alcohol, Sweet Almond Oil, Phenostat, Silicone, Thickening Agent, Purified Water.
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