FREEZEshot Injection Numbing Device

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FREEZEshot is a compact, portable solution designed to be taken directly from the freezer to contact with your skin before a shot or injection. You no longer have to dread needles, shots, insulin injections, etc. with FREEZEshot by your side.


  • Easy to use
  • Quickly numbs your skin in under a minute for no pain from shots/injections
  • Can be applied to arms, legs, stomach, or back
  • Can also be used post-injection for pain relief
  • Drug-free means of pain prevention and relief

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5 Reviews

Kona Jun 1st 2019

Good tool

I like anything that makes injection time easier for my dog. He gets distracted by the coolness & tends to feel the needle less with this handy device. It may require initial freezing for more than the stated 24 hours to get cold.

KATHLEEN C. Oct 8th 2018

Pain Free

This is a wonderful addition to my treatment plan because it makes all my sticks pain free. Simple to use and a great tool to have!

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