Glucose SOS Rapid Glucose Recovery

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Introducing a new, fast-absorbing glucose powder you can add to any drink to increase blood sugar levels and prevent sugar spikes!

Glucose SOS is immediately absorbed to help diabetics return to, or maintain, healthy blood sugar levels. Available in 4 delicious flavors!

  • EASY TO TRANSPORT SLIMPACK, CONVENIENT TO USE, NO WATER OR PREP NEEDED Glucose SOS dissolves instantly with no need for water or preparation and comes in easily transportable slimpacks.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE, SWEET AND TANGY, MADE WITH NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, FLAVORS, PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES all natural so you know it's healthy and safe, and delicious so it’s easy to take.
  • OPTIMIZES CREATINE ABSORPTION, EXCELLENT ENERGY SOURCE, HELPS BUILD LEAN MUSCLE in addition to providing an instant boost of energy, Glucose SOS helps the body absorb creatine to build muscle.
  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT GOALS, BOOSTS COGNITION TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR EXERCISE GOALS Glucose SOS can help you maintain a healthy weight and provide you with both the physical and mental energy needed to get through those tough workouts.
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4 Reviews

Jineliz May 22nd 2020

Awesome product!

I’ve been using this after my workouts because when I finish I always get low blood sugars and let me tell you this works quickly in 15 minutes you see the difference and don’t spike your sugar levels. I will buy more. Thanks for this amazing product.

Nicole Houghton May 4th 2019

Glucose SOS

My son loves this product so much!! They are easy to carry and taste amazing!!!

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