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Kingdom Harvest Hemp Oil 1 or 2 Months Supply – NATURAL

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Kingdom Harvest Peppermint Sublingual CBD Hemp Oil extract contains Whole Spectrum Hemp Extract made from the female flowers of the industrial hemp plant grown in compliance with the North Carolina Hemp Program. Our Whole Spectrum Hemp Extract contains a broad array of phytonutrients, basically nutrients from plants, including naturally-occurring cannabinoids such as CBD to nourish the body’s endocannabinoid system and promote self-healing.

Kingdom Harvest sublingual oil contains our unique Whole Spectrum cannabinoid extract that cannot be found within any other CBD product in the market. Please contact our sales reps to receive more information about our unique extract. Available in two flavors, Natural & Peppermint, these CBD Hemp Oils are ideal for those new to CBD and also those who depend on it for advanced health and wellness needs. It truly is a life-altering substance that can be very beneficial to your overall well being.

The tincture comes with an easy drop applicator for the perfect dose. It can be used orally as well as topically on the skin.

Available in 15 mL and 30 mL sizes.

Using the Peppermint CBD Hemp Oil extract is the fastest way to introduce it to your system.

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