Advocate by Pharma Supply, Inc.

Internet Sales Policies and Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) 

Effective 01/01/2017, Last updated 07/31/2017)

Pharma Supply, Inc. is the exclusive licensing and distribution entity for the Advocate® and PetTest™ brands, including patents, trademarks, and associated intellectual property. The Advocate® and PetTest™ brands are trademarked or pending trademark registration in many regions throughout the world and support many distributors and customers in multiple nations. We continue to invest in the Advocate® and PetTest™ brands and look forward to working with all current and new customers.

Internet Sales Policy
Authorized retailers, distributors and their customers are encouraged to
offer Advocate® and PetTest™ branded products for sale on
their proprietary websites. However, the sale of many of our products on third party websites, including but not limited to, Amazon, eBay, etc. is not permitted. Please see below for product-specific MAP Policies.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy:
Resellers of the Advocate® and PetTest™ brands are responsible for maintaining the advertised prices at or above the current Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). Pharma Supply, Inc. reserves the right to modify MAP pricing at any time. MAP policy prices are detailed below:

Aftertest Topical Pain Relief Stick

PetTest™ Dog & Cat Monitoring System



Lido ER

Glucose SOS for Pets