PetTest Foil Wrapped Strip Box - 50 count

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NEW individually foil wrapped PetTest Blood Glucose Test Strips are used for the accurate monitoring of blood glucose testing.

Only for use with the PetTest Diabetes Monitoring System for Dogs and Cats.


  • No coding required
  • Portable, flat form factor that fits easily in meter cases
  • Protected from air and moisture
  • Eliminates expirations based on when vial was opened. Each strip is as fresh as the last!
  • Small sample size
  • Alternate site testing approved
  • Accurate & easy to handle
  • Available in 50 count boxes
  • Smallest sample size needed (0.3 mcL)
  • Use only for dogs and cats

Package includes: (50) Sterile Test Strips 

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53 Reviews

Andrea L Zito Apr 18th 2019


Although I do miss the container of strips at times, I have gotten used to these and I do like that they last longer. Getting the foil package open took some getting used to but isn't an issue now. I love that they need such a tiny drop of blood. I'm really happy I chose the Pet Test meter over other options and I recommend it to every diabetic dog owner I talk to. These strips are nice and flat when transporting, which is another plus. The Advocate customer services is phenomenal. Amazing company and great products. They always offer discounts which is a huge help too.

Carla Apr 3rd 2019

Foil wrapped testing strips

I find less of these don’t work. With the small container we struggled to get just one out and many wouldn’t work. I finally mastered opening the foil and it isn’t a big deal if you drop them.

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