PetTest Foil Wrapped Strip Box - 50 count

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NEW individually foil wrapped PetTest Blood Glucose Test Strips are used for the accurate monitoring of blood glucose testing.

Only for use with the PetTest Diabetes Monitoring System for Dogs and Cats.


  • No coding required
  • Portable, flat form factor that fits easily in meter cases
  • Protected from air and moisture
  • Eliminates expirations based on when vial was opened. Each strip is as fresh as the last!
  • Small sample size
  • Alternate site testing approved
  • Accurate & easy to handle
  • Available in 50 count boxes
  • Smallest sample size needed (0.3 mcL)
  • Use only for dogs and cats

Package includes: (50) Sterile Test Strips 

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62 Reviews

Kelly-Anne Graham Aug 13th 2019

Shipping to Canada has outrageous duty charged

While I cannot live without the strips for my dogs diabetes, when I receive my order to Canada For 3 boxes I am charged $76 customs, duty, brokerage fees and taxes on top by the shipper. I wish their was an Advocate Canadian distributer to order from. (Please note, the courier also took 3 weeks to arrive as it was reviewed in Customs)
Also, when I ordered 2 SOS tubes, I was charged $42 Canadian in customs, duty and brokerage fees and taxes...making my purchase not very affordable.
While this isn’t the fault of Advocate, it should probably be mentioned on the order form that these charges may be incurred.

Beverly Jul 30th 2019

Great Test Strips

I love to use the Pet Test Meter and strips to test my diabetic dog. They are easy to use, and they are perfect for my budget. I use a lot of strips (at least 3 a day or more) so I appreciate the Advocate company and their products.

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