Our Mission

At Advocate Meters, our mission is simple:

To stand above the competition by providing our customers with the highest quality home health care products and matching world-class service and support.

Company Profile

Pharma Supply's philosophy is founded on the principle of supplying the newest and most innovative technology to the medical supply community. By striving to produce the most efficient and economical products for our customers through extensive research and development, we have proven our devotion and dedication to improving the industry.

The Advocate brand has been distributed nationally as well as internationally to numerous regions including Central America, South America, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our exceptional sales and customer service departments are equipped to assist customers in multiple languages and are available 24/7.


Throughout the past 17 years, the Advocate brand has successfully grown in the medical supply and products industry by manufacturing and distributing our own line of innovative medical equipment. Monitoring your health daily is imperative when looking to improve your life. With the introduction of High-Quality trusted products such as our Advocate Redi-Code+ Speaking Blood Glucose Monitor and Advocate Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems, we ensure that accurate results are displayed quickly and easily.

Advocate also offers a wide variety of product categories which are trusted by patients and healthcare professionals in close to 50 countries. Advocate products are produced in an English/Spanish bilingual format and many of the products actually speak and walk you through the process of using the device. Advocate was founded with the fundamental goal of providing high quality affordable products and services to our customers. We pride ourselves on our innovative product line and our exceptional customer-focused approach.