Stor-More Diabetes Organizer

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The Advocate diabetes Store-More is a simple and easy to use solution to organize all of your diabetes products. It holds all of your diabetes testing supplies in an elegant and spacious countertop storage unit. No more mess, no more looking for lost supplies: Save space, Stor-More!


  • Reduce Clutter
  • Sealable Container for Sharps
  • Large Pullout Drawer
  • Multiple Slots for all of your Diabetes Supplies
  • Great for human diabetes supplies, or pets
  • Fits Most Models of Meters
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5 Reviews

Kona Jun 1st 2019

Great product

This is a very handy, tidy item for keeping my supplies all together & well organized! It helps with the testing & injecting process by eliminating surprises.

Arturo C. Oct 8th 2018

Excellent space saver

I love that I can keep about a week's worth of testing supplies all organized and laid out in the Stor More (minus insulin of course). Truly a space saver and my supplies are no longer an eye sore.

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